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Our Team.

Meet the Surge Team! 

Check out our bio's below


Heather  has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, including Kung Fu and Krav Maga. She started teaching at 12 years old to children, and 15 years old to adults. Over the years, she started to curate a specialised syllabus designed for women and children, to learn how to overcome someone bigger and stronger. This syllabus has now become the backbone of all Surge teachings.

Heather is also a psychodynamic psychotherapist and psychologist and is passionate about combining the self-defence with her clinical psychological training.


Founder and Senior Instructor 

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Marc brings a wealth of professional knowledge when it comes to prevention and situational awareness within self-defence. With over 15 years' experience in the security sector, he has worked with HM Armed Forces and a variety of SIA accredited companies to provide specialist due diligence and security advice to individuals at risk. Marc has also had extensive training in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques and holds an accreditation from Ulster University. 

At Surge, Marc provides classes with expert advice for staying safe; how to anticipate danger before it occurs. He brings life-like scenarios into courses that give students a chance to experience situations where self-defence is put into action. Marc is passionate about providing women and children a safe place to practice self-defence and regularly volunteers himself to be thrown around during courses!


Lead Technical Director and Partner 


Xenia has a background in project management, training, bid-writing and project delivery in the charity sector. Xenia has worked within settings supporting children and adults with complex mental health needs as well as work with veterans in the judicial system. 

Over the next few months, Xenia will be looking for new and exciting opportunities for our organisation ensuring that Surge reaches and supports as many people as possible! Watch this space! 



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