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Online Assessments

Surge offers anyone the chance to be able to have an online footprint assessment done on themselves. Our lead technical director, Marc, is highly trained in open sourcing and will perform checks as to what is available online about you and offer you the knowledge on how to change what is out there. If you want to know what information is online that you are not able to find yourself, please let us know as we able to do this professionally. Each assessment is either paid or free of charge depending on the funding and setting.


Marc brings a wealth of professional knowledge when it comes to prevention and situational awareness within self-defence. With over 15 years’ experience in the security sector, he has worked with HM Armed Forces and a variety of SIA-accredited companies to provide specialist due diligence and security advice to individuals at risk. He is also trained in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques, including accreditation from Ulster University. If you want to check due to domestic abuse, stalking issues or just to find out what is out there about yourself, online assessments are a great way of doing this.


All information we find is kept confidentially and inline with GDPR and will only be issued to the person who has requested the assessment. Only Marc and the Director (if needed) will have access to this information, no other Surge staff member will be able to access your file. We destroy all records after six months.


If you would like to request  or discuss any aspect of Online Assessments, please fill out the form below and send back to us here at Surge Defence –

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