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Self Defence in a Digital Age

Self-defence in the 21st century is not just about learning how to physically defend yourself. Whilst learning the physical techniques is crucial, we need to learn many other aspects to keep up with technology and the threats we can face in an ever-changing environment. With cyber-bullying, stalking and abuse becoming more prolific, having an understanding of how to defend yourself digitally is just as important as the physical.


Self Defence in a Digital Age is a training course for anyone interested in learning more about protecting themselves online, whether that be from a stalker, an abusive ex-partner or just wanting to know more about our own digital footprint and what this can be used for. The course is designed to help you learn skills and knowledge to reduce online attacks and abuse.

Below you can see an outline of the course content:


Part 1.


Online awareness; understanding our online footprint


  • Introduction; where our digital life meets the real world 

  • Social media; who’s seeing what 

  • Who might want to target me online?

  • Leaving breadcrumbs

  • Personal vs Professional footprints

  • Case study



Part 2.


Being online aware; stay ahead 


  • ‘Hey Google’…. What does my footprint say about me?

  • Ways to review your online profile



Part 3.


Technology awareness; friend or foe


  • Tracking devices; two sides of the coin

  • What type of devices are out there?

  • Example; Apple AirTag

  • Who might want to bug me?

  • Ways to detect tracking devices



This course is also available for school children with parts of it adapted for age appropriateness. If you are interested in booking this course for a workplace, charity, school, university or any other setting, please click below and send us a message.

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