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Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence

Courses for survivors and support staff

Surge Defence runs self-defence courses for any survivor of domestic or sexual violence, working with DV and SV charities, organisations and private courses. We are passionate about making self-defence accessible to all survivors. We have seen the huge impact self-defence can have for any survivor, from increased confidence and self, right through to better physical health. It is a privilege to be a part of a survivor’s journey and see the growth within them.

Understanding participants is crucial to everything we do within a self-defence course. When delivering to survivors of sexual or domestic violence, we understand that there may be many psychological, physical and trauma related triggers. Whilst evaluation and feedback have shown that self-defence courses have huge positive impacts and results for participants, we are also very mindful that much of what we teach can also be challenging and triggering for some. We have worked hard to develop strategies and safety procedures to ensure every participant is safe and understood. These strategies and procedures have shown to have great results and participants have responded in positive and supportive ways. Below are some of the strategies we have in place for every participant :


• Discussions before the course has started – we offer every participant a phone call before the course starts to discuss any additional needs, talk about what is covered on the course and discuss potential triggers (please note, no participant is ever expected to tell us in any detail any aspect of their past, we just let participants know the syllabus and if the participant would like to open up, that is absolutely fine too!)

• Exit Strategies – We let every participant know that they can leave for however long they may need during the course or class to a designated safe place

• Buddy System – We buddy up participants into pairs and ensure that they are there for each other throughout the course

• Every participant is given an information sheet on what to do if becoming triggered on a course, support available and how our strategies work

• In-between support care – In-between classes, participants can contact the lead instructor at any point to discuss any trigger or trauma they may have experienced in class. Whilst this is not a therapeutic service, we are there to listen and put in any measures needed to ensure the person feels safe and heard



As mentioned before, have seen a lot of psychological and physical benefits from participants who have attended a self-defence DV and SV course. Please see below for a few key things participants have said in feedback and evaluations –


• Increased confidence across all areas of their lives

• Increased self-esteem

• Change in beliefs of oppression and their own pre-conceptions

• Better physical health

• A sense of increased happiness and well-being

• Connection to other people and new friendships. Expanding social well-being

• A sense of safety and community of like-minded people

• Supportive environment

• Survivor support and networking, decreasing feelings of isolation and loneliness

• An outlet for frustration and anger

• A decrease in feeling vulnerable

• A sense of purpose and meaning

• Feeling stronger and restored belief in self

• Feeling like a survivor and not a victim – inner strength



If you are interested in finding out more about our SV and DV courses, please click the link below to contact us. We are more than happy to chat through any questions or queries you may have!

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