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Whilst a lot of our work revolves around women and young girls, we also offer men, boys and survivors courses and classes in self-defence. The syllabus is tailored differently to that of the women’s and girls courses, as men and boys are anatomically different in stature. We focus on strengths and techniques, allowing personalised tuition even within group classes or courses. We are passionate that anyone wanting to learn self-defence can do, no matter of any gender. It is important to recognise and acknowledge that rape, abuse, assault and domestic abuse can happen to anyone, not just women. Whilst women and girls statistically and historically are more likely to endure abuse, assault or rape, we cannot exclude or deny that men and boys are also affected by these things, no matter the scale in comparison to women.


When discussing rape, assault or abuse, too often gender becomes the main area of focus. Rarely do we hear about male rape, assault or abuse. We need to take gender out of these words, and recognise that no matter who we are or what gender we are, it can happen to anyone. Anyone can become a survivor.


We want to help build confidence, share potentially life-saving skills and techniques and work with anyone who wants to learn. Our courses for men, boys and survivors are there to help people defend and protect themselves or help rebuild themselves as a survivor. If you are an organisation or charity, company or business or just want to learn self-defence, please do not hesitate to contact us using the below form.

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