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Surge Defence - Book release and pre-order 
"Joints, Balls, Done."

This book has taken just over 3 years of writing, tears, late nights, panic rushes, laughter, reflection and patience to produce. It encapsulates every aspect of self-defence that we often don’t have time to discuss in detail during speeches or courses. It really is a labour of love and passion, combining humour, psychology, science, case studies, statistics, tips, history and more on self-defence and protecting oneself as a woman or child.

In January 2024, the new book, Joints, Balls, Done will be released. This book is a look at self-defence from not only the physical components but also the psychological, historical and theory aspects. We look at women’s oppression over the years, the importance of self-esteem and confidence, the neuroscience of how we learn something new, how our mind has become our best weapon in defence, prevention, legalities and more.

Whilst the book is a perfect companion for anyone attending courses, it is also perfect for anyone with an interest in learning how to defend
themselves! If you would like to pre-order a copy of the book, please complete the form below and you will receive a confirmation email.

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Hardback - £14.99 RRP

Paperback £9.99 RRP


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