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Knife Defence Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself against knife crime and assaults? Surge Defence is running a 2.5 hour workshop in Marden, Kent on Saturday 20th April 2024. This workshop is designed to help you learn the skills and techniques needed to stay safe and protected against knives. You will each be working with lifelike rubber knives. The workshop is a beginners session, including how to disarm, what to do if faced with a knife, how to defend against knife attacks and more. With knife crime becoming so prominent within the UK, this course is designed to help you try and stay ahead and protected!


If you would like to come along, please email for how to book and all the information about the class.


The price is just £10 per person, we are trying to run things as cheaply as possible to ensure that learning crucial skills for protection is as accessible to all.


Once you have booked on, you will receive a workbook on knife crime and knife defence alongside a certificate at the end of the session!

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