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Kung Fu classes

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Alongside Self-Defence and Aftercare, Surge also runs Kung Fu classes for children in Marden.

Children study Southern Shaolin Kung Fu in a safe and fun environment. Kung Fu was the martial art I started in at 5 years old, quickly becoming my only focus in life! Although I have now transitioned into teaching self-defence and the psychology world, being able to share my first passion with children is an incredible privilege. Children learn lots of techniques and traditional Kung Fu values, including the Chinese broad sword, kicks and flips, Chinese boxing, sparring and more.

Classes are subsidised but unfortunately due to venue hire and insurance, we are currently unable to offer Kung Fu for free to children. I hope in the near future I will be able to secure some funding to offer classes free of charge! However, I aim to keep costs as low as possible and believe being completely transparent at the start so there are no hidden costs! Surge Kung Fu is still very cheap compared to a vast majority of martial arts clubs and schools!


Heather - Founder and Director at Surge 


How much do classes cost?


£25 a month

Is there a joining fee?


Unfortunately, there is a joining fee which covers the child’s registration, club t-shirt, insurance and registration into the grading system. This is a one off fee, you will not have to pay this annually! The joining fee is £40 per child

Are there gradings?


There are two gradings a year. Each one costs £25 which includes a certificate, belt and grading

If you are interested in your child joining our classes, please use the contact form below to register your interest and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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