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“When women are able to live in a safe and secure environment, they can participate effectively in the economy and society. This helps to reduce poverty, reduces inequality and is beneficial for children’s nutrition, health and school attendance. Every woman and girl has the right to live safely in her home and community”. - Helen Clark 

Upcoming service September 2023 - Surge Aftercare 

Having successfully run Surge Self Defence for just over four years, to over 5000 women and children across the UK, I was immensely proud of the work we had achieved, whilst also feeling like I was missing something with Surge. I am passionate about women learning how to defend themselves as a way of prevention, but I couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t enough. Over the years, I would hear stories and accounts from participants about their past, from domestic abuse, rape, assault, harassment and more. It left me feeling sad, especially that they received very little after support or care, unless they had the financial means to go private. Which very few did. This led to the beginning of Surge Aftercare. Being able to offer prevention but also treatment and therapy for those already affected, for free. Allowing women and children to access support immediately. I am driven to offer women a complete package of support, from learning how to defend themselves physically through to therapeutic support and peer support groups.

Heather - Founder and Director at Surge


Referrals can be made by anyone, self-referral, emergency services, friends and family, businesses, organisations or charities. If you would like to refer someone or yourself into the programme, please complete the referral form below, or contact 07756677983 for a form to be sent. We are happy to have a chat and will try and answer any questions you may have.

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