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Expert Witness Events
The Neuroscience and Psychology of Perpetrators

Welcome to Expert Witness Events! As part of the drive to get people discussing self-defence and treatment more openly and honestly, Surge hosts afternoon/evening events where past or present students or anyone can attend. The events are focussed on speeches and discussions, each event hosting an expert in their field, whether that be forensics, clinical treatment, survivors and more. The event features a discussion between an expert and the director of Surge, Heather Jordan focussing in depth on questions and answers surrounding perpetrators, treatment and more. This is followed by the audience being able to ask any questions they may have and put these to the expert. Light refreshments and light buffet is available for all guests and a chance to speak with an expert after the event. An event programme will also be provided to everyone attending! Below you can find details of the next Expert Witness Event. Please be aware, tickets to these events normally sell out fast, as they are limited to 38 guests. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please click the link below and send to!

Expert Witness - To be confirmed!

The Neuroscience and Psychology of Perpetrators  

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